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Advanced HD IP Cameras

Professional Box Cameras


Box cameras are used, when the image one is trying to view, is far away from the cameras mounting position. Although these cameras don’t have infrared sensors on it, they do allow one to change the lens size, depending on how far away the object is. These cameras are housed in an aluminum casing to protect them for weathering and water.



Lenses come in the following sizes and priced


Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Cameras


PTZ cameras are probably the best choice when choosing cameras. Yes, they can be a bit pricey, however, their functionality far exceeds most other cameras. With Pan Tilt and Zoom one can manipulate the camera to do what they need and look in several different places from one mounting point.
These cameras come with Optical Zoom as well as Auto Vocus, which allows one to attain a clear crisp image when the object you are viewing is moving (IE a vehicle).
We can also setup PTZ’s to do a patrol of an area. This means we can program the camera to look at specific areas for a specified time.
PTZ’s are fully utilized in a control room environment where there is an operator that is watching the cameras. They are some more advanced automated options available in the IP PTZ range.


Smart PTZ / Smart Tracking Cameras


These PTZ’s are a bit more powerful than a regular PTZ. The biggest difference with this PTZ, is that it has a smart tracking feature. This allows us to set an “area of interest” and the camera will automatically track object that move into that area. Please see the video for an example of how this works.

EXIR Cameras


EXIR stands for extended infra-red and that is exactly what it does. Most conventional fixed lens cameras have a standard IR range or 20m/30m. An EXIR camera has an IR range of 50m given you better images at night and allowing one to see further at night.

Vari-Vocal Lens Cameras


Most cameras come with fixed lens of about 4mm. Vari-Vocal cameras come with a variable lens. This means (in most cases but depends on the camera) the one can adjust the cameras lens from 4mm to 12mm. This is great when one needs to view an object that is a bit far away from the cameras mounting position.
Another good use for Vari-Vocal is when one needs to view someone counting money or where cash is being dealt with. This camera will allow one to zoom in a bit without affecting picture quality.



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