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Hardware and Software

Have you cracked your Laptop screen and been quoted half the price of the laptop to replace the screen. Not to worry! BrothersIT can replace laptop screens for a fraction of the cost that the manufacturer will charge. Call us now for a free quotation.

BrothersIT sell and repair almost all hardware from most major manufacturers.

We also support & sell all current Microsoft Products. We have a programmer at the office everyday so we are happy to assist with more customized solutions.

If your company is using Pastel and has frequent pastel support requests BrothersIT supports Pastel at our hourly rates reducing your pastel support budget.

We support all software remotely as well as onsite or telephonically.


BrothersIT is a business passionate about making people and technology meet on common ground.

We are Registered Credit Provider NCRCP11864. We are able provide short term and unsecured loans


BrothersIT can provide technical support without you leaving your work station.