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BrothersIT Service Status and Announcements

All Services are Up and running

Any Business Conducted with our company is subject to the following TERMS and CONDITIONS:

General Terms:

All Prices are Ex VAT

All equipment remains property of BrothersIT until FULLY PAID FOR. This includes where a project is divided into multiple payments, sites or drawings. We reserve the right to claim back ANY equipment should your account remain unpaid for ANY REASON.

Interest on overdue accounts will be handled as per the following:

1. A basic administration fee of R100 per month will be billed to the client for each month the account is overdue.

2. Interest on overdue accounts/amounts will accrue at a rate of 2% per month.

Debit Order facilities available

Our Rates


TIER 1 LABOUR: Basic Support @ R500 per hour

1. Desktop support; removal of local viruses, trojans and malware;

2. Setup of non-managed printers and peripherals,

3. Home user setups (exc. domains / VPNs)

TIER 2 LABOUR: Intermediate/Basic Engineering Support @ R600 per hour

1. Setting up of domain users; exchange mailboxes; Active Directory

2. Intermediate desktop Support: ADSL/WIFI setup or modifications;

3. Basic setup of IP devices such as printers, VOIP phones, wireless AP’s, Cam’s.

TIER 3 LABOUR: Intermediate Server Support @ R700 per hour

1. Server repair and maintenance ; Update screening and approval (including the sandbox process)

2. VPN : Setup, Configuration, lite troubleshooting ( but not design )

3. Managed IP devices Management: Switches, Routers, basic VLAN config ( but not design )

4. Disaster Recovery and Backup : Installation, configuration

TIER 4 LABOUR: Advanced IT & Design @ R800 per hour

1. Server and Active Directory structure;

2. Virtual Private Networks or Multiple networks routed to each other;

3. Wireless/Wired Infrastructure for multiple network segments

4. Virtual Lanning across switches / routers

5. Cloud Solutions design and planning

BITSEC LABOUR: Any and all CCTV related tasks @ R500 per hour

BrothersIT standard trading hours are : Mon-Fri from 08:00 to 17:00.

After hours are billed at 1.5x the standard rate :

Weekly 17:00 to 22:00 + Saturdays 09:00 to 21:00

Sundays are billed at 2x the standard rate : 09:00 to17:00

Public holidays are billed at 2x the standard rate.

Travel Fees are billed at a rate of R7.00 per kilometre from where the consultant/technician/engineer begins his/her journey until he/she arrives at the requested location.


Contract Terms and Cancellation

Some of our services or products are offered on 12, 24 or 36 month contracts with their fixed contract periods.

In general any and all other services supplied by BrothersIT will be at the very least on a MONTH-TO-MONTH basis, with a full 30 day / full billing period cancellation/notice period.

Only at the sole discretion of the Managing Member, may a notice period be waved. 

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BrothersIT is a business passionate about making people and technology meet on common ground.

We are Registered Credit Provider NCRCP11864. We are able provide short term and unsecured loans


BrothersIT can provide technical support without you leaving your work station.