Voice Communication


Transmit your voice over Internet Protocol and start saving money today.

Telephone Systems / PBX

A phone at a desk has become a standard feature of the business environment. We need more than just the basic ringing phone to enhance our office environment and implementing a telephone system or PBX from BrothersIT will provide you with enhanced features like CALLER-ID, CALL-RECORDING and CALL HISTORY.


Happy with the telephone system / PBX you currently have? Its still possible to bring cost savings and features into the mix with our Voice over Internet Protocal Gateways. The voice gateway provides the interface between your legacy or traditional Analogue or Digital PBX, bringing VOIP savings into your calls.


BrothersIT is a business passionate about making people and technology meet on common ground.


BrothersIT can provide technical support without you leaving your work station.


We're Joining Forces

We will be joining the Maverick Telecoms Group from September/October 2019.

This change will see us re-branding our business into Maverick Information Systems.

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