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Video Surveillance

Who is watching your Property?

Want to know what happens when you are not there?

Brothers IT can offer CCTV solutions for Home and Business. With brands like HikVision and ProVision, there is always a CCTV system that can suit your needs and budget. From basic analogue systems to the more detailed HD systems, now you can take control or have a visual history of what happens in or around your property. Homes, Garages or Gardens; we can help the home-owner keep a visual history and their eye on it. Shops, Offices, Yards, Factories, Warehouses; any company or business can and probably should maintain a surveillance system.

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(HD Over Analogue)

HD-TVI is a fantastic middle range option that has recently been introduced to the South African market. In a nut shell, one can attain HD quality images using analogue equipment. So the same technology DSTV uses to get HD to their decorders, is now being incorporated into CCTV. The result is an excellent quality image, at an extreamley affordable price.


High Defintion / IP Cameras have far superior quality images to Analogue Cameras. These cameras will always show a clear crisp image. The biggest differences between Analogue and IP are the picture quality and price. High Definition cameras use a digital interface, whereas HD-TVI still uses analogue. IP will have a slightly better image than HD-TVI however it comes packed with far more features.


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