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As per Eskom’s load-shedding schedule, BrothersIT will be experiencing load shedding until the 2nd of April 2014. This means that we may have intermittent support during the defined load-shedding periods.

We have backup systems in-place to prevent downtime of our telephones so our support number (087 751 3399) will still be operational should you not be able to contact us via email. We are also working on schedules for all our clients to shutdown mission-critical services to avoid any data loss during the load-shedding intervals.

Please see the expected load-shedding timetable below:


The load shedding is going to push any older or legacy UPS’s or battery backups that you may have in place to the limit. Most of the time, the bigger units are worth simply replacing the batteries. However smaller 650VA type devices – if not lasting more than 4 minutes – should be replaced entirely. The small 650VA (per PC) units are currently R560 ex VAT each. If you are thinking of ordering, we would suggest you order quickly as there is a big rush on them currently.

: Here is an image released by the CPT City Council showing expected load-shedding times in various areas: